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Knowledge is Power in the Fight With Cancer

Know All You Can

Rapid, Private PET/CT Scans Within 10 Days

PET/CT Diagnostics Within One Week, Offering;

  • PET/CT scans

  • PET scans with IV Contrast Enhanced CT

  • CT scans

  • CT scans with IV Contrast


  • Premier is scanning patients for the Biogen 'Aducanumab' (see video) and the AstraZeneca 'Amaranth' clinical trials.

Dr. Sutcliffe explains PET/CT imaging at Premier;

The "Premier Diagnostic Center"

At Premier Diagnostic Center, we are dedicated to providing individuals throughout British Columbia and beyond with the fast and accurate results they need for proper diagnosis and treatment of cancer and Alzheimer's. Our staff are experienced and knowledgeable, ready to assist you promptly with your PET/CT scan.

Here are a few facts that you should know about Premier Diagnostic Center:

  • Our wait times are short, usually within 1 week, and you will receive a full written doctor's report within 1 - 5 days. Digital images are ready immediately after your scan.
  • We have over 10 years of experience with PET. We established the first clinical PET facility in Canada, and we obtained Canada's first FDG nuclear medicine manufacturing license.
  • Our Medical Director is dual board certified as both a Radiologist and a Nuclear Medicine Physician. He has also earned a PhD in Biomedical Engineering. He is uniquely qualified to diagnose both PET and CT images.
  • Our prices are fair. PET/CT scans average $5,300 in the United States, where there are 2,272 Medicare-approved FDG PET facilities (compared to only 5 in Western Canada). Our price of $3,400 is based on our efficiency and experience. more.
  • PET/CT is safe. "The risks associated with a PET scan are minimal." – U of Maryland Medical Center. Here are more safety links: "Safety Videos", "Benefits vs. Risks"
  • The Benefits of an Accurate Diagnosis far outway any potential risk. John Hopkins Med Ctr
  • PET/CT is the first choice for Oncologists and Surgeons all over the world.

Booking your scan:

To book a PET/CT scan with Premier Diagnostic Center, download our Patient Referral Form and have it filled out and submitted by a qualified practitioner. After approval by our Medical Director, we will contact you directly to quickly make the best arrangements for you.

A Note about Contrast Enhanced Diagnostic CT with PET (recent Premier scan shown) ;

  • The benefits of the use of oral and IV contrast media for diagnostic CT are well established. The combination of FDG PET and contrast- enhanced CT has been found to be superior to contrast-enhanced CT alone and to unenhanced FDG PET/CT for precise definition of disease in patients with abdominal and pelvic malignant diseases.
  • Read More at: American Journal of Roentgenology

Why PET/CT imaging?

PET/CT is used as a baseline study for cancer treatment planning and monitoring around the world. Unfortunately PET is underused and underfunded in Canada and in many cases patients are not offered this option. Premeir Diagnostic Center is the only private PET/CT clinic in Western Canada and offers prompt and accurate results in less than 1 week .

"Positron emission tomography combined with computed tomography (PET/CT) has been receiving increasing attention during the recent years for making the diagnosis, for determining the staging and for the follow-up of various malignancies. The PET/CT findings of 58 breast cancer patients (age range: 34-79 years old, mean age: 50 years) were retrospectively compared with the PET or CT scans alone. PET/CT was found to be better than PET or CT alone for detecting small tumors or multiple metastases, for accurately localizing lymph node metastasis and for monitoring the response to chemotherapy in breast cancer patients". ( The National Center for Biotechnology Information: The Role of PET/CT for Evaluating Breast Cancer )

We offer early diagnosis with no wait list. You will leave the same day with a CD of your scan to take to your physician. Results interpreted quickly, usually within 24-48 hours, and forwarded to your physician. Reports can take up to 5 days in certain cases.

Knowledge is power in
the fight against cancer

Know All You Can!

For more information about our Vancouver PET/CT scan services, call us;

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